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Executive Leadership Coaching

Transform your leadership through Executive Coaching

Together we will unlock your untapped potential and increase your performance, focus and efficiency.

Are you...

...a technician or do-er moving into a leadership position for the first time? expert in your field now leading a team?

...a leader trying to find work-life balance?

...a hands-on manager who needs to trust their team and let go of the reigns? athlete promoted to team captain, trying to lead your peers?

Imagine a future where...

You controlled your calendar, it didn’t control you.

You spent more time leading and mentoring your team and less time doing everything yourself.

You knew what your boss’ priorities were, and could work towards a common goal.

You had time to develop your self and your work force. 

You could build a succession plan.

You looked forward to going to work each day, and left at the end of the day fulfilled and ready to spend time with your family.

Working with the Barrington Leadership Group will help you gain:

Improved communication skills—listening for fundamental cares and the heart of the concern

Improved teamwork

Deeper understanding of yourself

Alignment of tasks to strategic goals

Organization & delegation: increase productivity through focus and team effort


Bill's straightforward approach and relaxed demeanor made our coaching sessions extremely productive and built a solid foundation of learning for me. He used numerous tools to enable me to change my perception and understand the problem sets/situations from different optics. His approach to coaching enabled me to re-think and re-plan my actions in a safe constructive environment prior to engaging my teams and colleagues. -Harry K.

To-do lists and calendars only get you so far. To have the breakthrough performance that you are searching for, you need to fundamentally change your ways of thinking and being.

You have likely thought, I need to work harder or longer hours to get it all done. This may be a surprise, but you will NEVER complete all the work there is to do. Never. 

I have been where you are. Let me help you learn to approach situations differently, be a more successful leader, use your time and talents more effectively. I will be your thought partner to discover a more productive and successful way of being. Coaching focuses on finding the answers that are inside you.


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